Pathways to Education copyNo Limits No Excuses (NLNE) is a collaboration of area agencies and organizations striving to create a culture of success in our area so that every resident has access to one of the four pathways to a quality credential and the resources necessary to earn a credential.


The initiative launched in 2010, when the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation launched a new initiative to build community partnerships that work to significantly raise the number of low-income young adults completing postsecondary credentials and finding living-wage work.


The three cities selected to participate in the program launch—Brownsville and Amarillo, Texas, and Raleigh, N.C.—received $1.4 million over three years in planning and implementation funding along with customized coaching and shared learning support.


Each partnership included representatives from education, business, community–based organizations, workforce and/or economic development agencies, municipal government, local funders and students.


The three communities continue their work and are in various stages of planning and implementing next-stage work, including further development of the partnerships themselves and deepening and broadening success strategies for low-income young adults.


The Amarillo Area Foundation (AAF) is the Managing Organization for NLNE, and the NLNE program officer is an employee of AAF.


The NLNE Executive Committee is responsible for the oversight of the Program, and three work committees (made up of more than 60 professionals) ensure the Partnership reaches its full potential.


Executive Committee

committee title executive

The following Founding Organizations hold permanent positions on Executive Committee:

• Emily Wood represents the Amarillo Area Foundation (AAF) - Managing Organization

• Cheryl Jones represents Amarillo College (AC)

• Reagan Hales represents Amarillo Economic Development Corporation (AEDC)

• Sandy Whitlow represents Amarillo Independent School District (AISD)

• Dr. Darryl Flusche represents Canyon Independent School District (CISD)

• Belinda Crelia-Palacios represents United Way of Amarillo and Canyon

• Dr. Wade Shaffer represents West Texas A&M University (WTAMU)

• Trent Morris represents Workforce Solutions Panhandle

The following professionals currently represent large businesses:

• Kimberly Kirkpatrick of BSA Health System

• Amy Moran of CNS Pantex

The following professionals currently represent small businesses:

• Aaron Sage of Sage Oil Vac

• (TBD)

There are two at-large representatives, currently held by:

• Katharyn Wiegand of the Mary E. Bivins Foundation

• Pastor Anthony Harris of St. John Baptist Church

Community Committee

committee title community

Community Committee members represent agencies that can help us reach residents who are no longer in school and lack a quality credential.

Current Community Committee Projects:

• GoPlan2.0 Bootcamp for Adults

• Quarterly Meetings

Current Members:

• Dave Anderson, Paramount Church

• Roxann Ball, AAF Nonprofit Service Center

• Zuleyma Carruba-Rogel, AISD FACE

• Brady Clark, Squaremile Community Development

• Robyn Cranmer, Canyon ISD

• Bob Dempsey, Community Veterans Engagement Board

• Captain Chris Forbis, Randall County Sheriff’s Office

• Junie Harrison, Guyon Saunders Resource Center

• Jill Goodrich, Opportunity School

• Chris Hall, Canyon ISD

• Jackie Mikeska, Living Intentionally Ministries

• Elia Moreno, Texas Christian Community Development

• Jason Norman Amarillo College

• Andrea Porter, West Texas A&M University

• Raul Rodarte, United Way Amarillo & Canyon

• Lisa White, Amarillo Public Libraries

• Becky Zenor, Education Credit Union

Workforce Committee

committee title workforce

The Workforce Committee in January 2019 aligned and merged with a group of Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THEBC) appointees charged with overseeing the implementation of 60x30TX here in our area.

Now NLNE’s Workforce Committee, in addition to our focus on internships and education collaboration, will lead the implementation of 60x30TX in the top 26 counties.

This is an alignment that will benefit our students, our community, our economy, and each of our Community Success Partners.

Current Workforce Committee Projects:

• EdInd Collaboration

• Realistic View Job Fair targeting rural students

• Apprenticeship Creation

Current Members:

• Anthony Acklin, Pantex

• Nicole Eminger, Pantex

• Phillip Flores, Workforce Solutions Panhandle

• Vanessa Garcia, BSA

• Marc Hamil, Canyon ISD

• Mindy Hampton, Region 16

• Jason Henderson, Bell

• Cheryl Jones, Amarillo College

• Michael Kitten, Amarillo College

• Kelly McDonald, FBSW

• Sabrina Meck Perez, AECDC

• Gary Molberg, Amarillo Chamber

• Trent Morris, Workforce Solutions Panhandle

• Mitch Parker, Amarillo College

• Karyn Pierce, Amarillo ISD

• Terry Price, Xcel Energy

• Marin Rivas, PRPC

• Kevin Rodgers, Amarillo Area Carpenter’s Apprenticeship

• Aaron Sage, Sage Oil Vac.

• Steve Sellers, West Texas A&M University

• Jerry Terry, Amarillo College

• John West, Central South Carpenters Regional Council

• Angela Workman, Workforce Solutions Panhandle

Educator Committee

committee title educator

Members of the Educator Committee represent our Education Partners: Amarillo College (AC), Amarillo Independent School District (AISD), Canyon Independent School District (CISD), and West Texas A&M University (WTAMU) and help NLNE provide the appropriate resources to our students.

Current Educator Committee Projects:

• GoPlan 2.0 Launches

• Regional Academic Advising Resources

• Regional targeted-occupation Resources

Current Members:

• Tracey Morman, Chair, Amarillo ISD

• Mandy Abernethy, Caprock High School

• Connie Bradford, ACE/THRIVE

• Montess Callahan, Canyon ISD

• Keri Juarez, Palo Duro Counselor

• Michelle Lamons, Amarillo College Adult Education Administrator

• Ashley Maria, Amarillo ISD CCMR Coordinator

• Sabre McLean, Amarillo ISD Social Worker

• Kimberly Myers, Randall High Associate Principal

• Ernesto Olmos, Amarillo College

• Alyssa Paschel, West Texas A&M University

• Sasha Reilly, Randall High College and Career Counselor

• Alyson Ries, West Texas A&M University

• Misty Rueda, West Texas A&M University Peer2Peer

• Brandi Sanderson, Canyon High Associate Principal

• Robin Terry, Region 16

• Karla Weatherly, Region 16

• Dana Wesley, Midway & Youth Center Counselor

• Mishon Wright, Canyon High College & Career Counselor


When we embark on an education journey, we need support from every corner of our lives.
Many residents in our area lack that foundation of support.

That is why No Limits No Excuses (NLNE) is re-embracing that ancient proverb it takes a village.

We are building a village in the Texas Panhandle!