The Texas Panhandle Village

Partner Organizations

Our Community Success Partners believe in our mission and encourage their employees, clients, customers, and/or students to earn a quality credential. They believe that we can accomplish more by working together than we can when we each work individually.


If we really want to impact our economy, it will take all of us!


How to Become a Partner:

  • Commit to the NLNE mission
  • Sign and return the Partner Agreement
  • Read Newsletters
  • Attend Quarterly Meetings & your industry’s EdInd Collaborations
  • Collaborate with us on ways to accomplish our mission
EdInd Collaboration

Through EdInd (education/industry) collaboration discussions, NLNE helps Texas Panhandle educators ensure their programs meet the needs of our industry. Our Partners of every size have a place at the table because we want to give all organizations a voice, not just the largest companies in each industry.


If we really want to create pathways to success, it will take all of us!

Current Initiatives:

  • EdInd COLLABORATE: the inaugural conference: September 25
  • NLNE Shadowbase: a centralized location for educators to browse student-shadowing opportunities among our Partner Organizations
  • Coming Soon: Texas Panhandle Targeted Occupation Online Resource
goplan mobile app

GoPlan 2.0 is the tool that brings the village to every resident. We all need a helping hand from time to time: someone one to encourage us along the journey, someone offer assistance, someone to be our champion. GoPlan 2.0 provides all of that for every user.


If we really want to be the change, it takes a village! 


GoPlan 2.0 provides:

  • Individual Education Plans
  • Connects users to mentors, educators, employers
  • Basic needs assessments and connections
  • Innovative transportation solution
  • Provides avenues for employer engagement
  • Opportunity databases