NLNE Cycle of Success

Leading our friends, neighbors, employees,

and students to an education that allows

them to earn a living wage will benefit our

entire community.


Here’s how it works:  


When more residents earn a living wage, they spend more dollars in our economy. Our sales tax revenue increases, our economy booms, and new businesses move into the area; that attracts more qualified applicants which leads to an increase in competitive careers. Finally, more residents are motivated to seek higher education, and the cycle continues. 

The future of our economy is up to you! According to economic experts, our area

must succeed in the following challenges in order to survive the next ten years: 

Developing a Skilled Workforce Community Success Partners and Workforce Committee’s 60x30TX alignment
Promoting Trade Skills GoPlan2.0 App and Community Success Partners
Fostering Education for Every Resident GoPlan2.0 App and Educator Committee
Breaking Down Socioeconomic Barriers GoPlan2.0 App and Community Committee
Building Education/Industry Collaboration Workforce Committee and the Committee’s Alignment with 60x30TX