No Limits No Excuses (NLNE) strives to make pathways to postsecondary credentials and living wage employment accessible for all residents through a model of community collaboration


    1. Develop an Internal Engagement Plan (IEP) that defines how your organization will encourage customers, clients, employees, students to earn a quality credential (this may be as simple or elaborate as you would prefer)
    2. Designate a Partner Representative and the Representative’s Successor (the Partner Representative and Successor will keep up with NLNE news and attend NLNE Quarterly Meetings and EdInd Collaboration Events)
    3. Designate an Organization Liaison (the Liaison is the staff member who will receive GoPlan notifications when an employee of your organization downloads GoPlan 2.0 and develops a GoPlan. The Liaison is responsible for ensuring the organization’s IEP is carried out and may be the same person as the Partner Representative.)
    4. Collaborate with us on ways to accomplish the NLNE mission and goal
    5. Submit the Partner Agreement – we will have you review it each year
    6. Notify NLNE of GoPlan opportunities (we will post them in the app and in Shadowbase)


    1. Host annual education/industry collaboration meetings to provide a foundation for the “reverse mapping” Region XVI schools will utilize to develop programs that meet the needs of industry specific to our area
    2. Maintain a database of available internship/apprenticeship/shadowing opportunities accessible to GoPlan2.0 users
    3. Provide a direct connection between partner organizations and an NLNE Workforce Committee Member (if organization representative is not a member of the committee)
    4. Provide guidance in implementing internship/apprenticeship/shadowing programs
    5. Display partner organizations’ logos on appropriate marketing materials
    6. Host quarterly NLNE Full Partner Meetings to foster collaboration
    7. Host two educational programs each year

  • I have read the NLNE COMMUNITY SUCCESS PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT and understand the basic tenets of the NLNE Partnership.
  • I agree to allow the staff member named below as Partner Representative to represent my organization in the NLNE Partnership. If the staff member named below can no longer fulfill the associated duties, the below-named Successor will be appointed as the Partner Representative.
  • I agree to allow the below-named Liaison to receive notification from the GoPlan 2.0 mobile app when one of my employees downloads the app and develops a GoPlan.
  • The below-named liaison will check on and offer assistance to employees with a GoPlan at determined intervals as described below in our IEP. I understand this document will be reviewed annually.

Submitting the following form indicates your agreement to the conditions listed above.

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