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NLNE is a group of area agencies and organizations striving to create a culture of education in our area so that every resident possesses the support to achieve an education level that results in a good income. We are a multi-agency, community-based partnership intent on leading our residents to one of the four pathways of education (trade programs, military, community college, university), so that each resident may live a successful and productive life 


The Amarillo Area Foundation (AAF) is the Managing Organization for NLNE, and the NLNE program officer is an employee of AAF. The NLNE Executive Committee is responsible for the oversight of the Program, and three work committees (made up of more than 60 professionals) ensure the Partnership reaches its full potential

NLNE Cycle of Success

Leading all residents to a quality credential benefits all of us!


Quality credentials lead to higher earnings, and our residents spend more dollars in our economy. Our sales tax revenue increases, our economy booms, and new businesses move into the area. That attracts more qualified applicants, which leads to an increase in competitive careers.


Finally, more residents are motivated to seek higher education, and the cycle continues.


When we embark on an education journey, we need support from every corner of our lives. Many residents in our area lack that foundation of support.

That is why No Limits No Excuses (NLNE) is re-embracing that ancient proverb “it takes a village.” We are building a village in the Texas Panhandle.

the Texas Panhandle village

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Our Community Success Partners believe in our mission and encourage their employees, clients, customers, and/or students to earn a quality credential. If we really want to impact our economy, it will take all of us!


How to Become a Partner:

  • Commit to the NLNE mission
  • Sign and return the Partner Agreement
  • Read Newsletters
  • Attend Quarterly Meetings & your industry’s EdInd Collaborations
  • Collaborate with us on ways to accomplish our mission

Through EdInd (education/industry) collaboration discussions, NLNE helps Texas Panhandle educators ensure their programs meet the needs of our industry.


Our Partners of every size have a place at the table.


We want to give all organizations a voice, not just the largest companies in each industry.


If we really want to create  pathways to success, it will take all of us!

GoPlan 2.0 is the tool that brings the village to every resident.


It provides:

  • Individual Education Plans
  • Connects users to mentors, educators, employers
  • Basic needs assessments and connections
  • Innovative transportation solution
  • Provides avenues for employer engagement
  • Opportunity databases
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Founding Organizations (permanent positions): 

  • Amarillo Area Foundation (AAF) - Managing Organization 
  • Amarillo College (AC) 
  • Amarillo Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) 
  • Amarillo Independent School District (AISD) 
  • Canyon Independent School District (CISD) 
  • United Way of Amarillo and Canyon 
  • West Texas A&M University (WTAMU) 
  • Work Force Solutions Panhandle 


Large Business Representation:

  • BSA Health System
  • CNS Pantex


Small Business Representation:

  • Sage Oil Vac



At-large Representation:

  • Mary E. Bivins Foundation
  • St. John Baptist Church
committee title workforce

The Workforce Committee in January 2019 aligned and merged with a group of Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THEBC) appointees charged with overseeing the implementation of 60x30TX here in our area.


Now NLNE’s Workforce Committee, in addition to our focus on internships and education collaboration, will lead the implementation of 60x30TX in the top 26 counties.


This is an alignment that will benefit our students, our community, our economy, and each of our Community Success Partners.


Current Workforce Committee Projects:

  • EdInd Collaboration
  • Realistic View Job Fair targeting rural students
  • Apprenticeship Creation
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Members of the Educator Committee represent our Education Partners: Amarillo College (AC), Amarillo Independent School District (AISD), Canyon Independent School District (CISD), and West Texas A&M University (WTAMU) and help NLNE provide the appropriate resources to our students.


Current Educator Committee Projects:

  • GoPlan 2.0 Launches
  • Regional Academic Advising Resources
  • Regional targeted-occupation Resources
committee title community

Community Committee members represent agencies that can help us reach residents who are no longer in school and lack a quality credential.


Current Community Committee Projects:

  • GoPlan2.0 Bootcamp for Adults
  • Quarterly Meetings