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Joining the NLNE Partnership is a simple process. It’s all about how you or your organization want to connect.

Organizations from across all sectors come on board with an interest in collaborating on at least one initiative.

Browse the current initiatives below, then complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Connect and Mentor

Faith Leaders
Civic Groups and Clubs
Young Professionals
Social Service Agencies

Employee Mentors

can connect

with assigned new

staff members

through GoPlan 2.0 

Faith Leaders

can connect with

GoPlan 2.0 users who

request a connection

with a faith leader

Civic Club Mentors

can connect through

GoPlan 2.0 with

students they

currently mentor

Social Service Agents

can connect

with existing

clients through

GoPlan 2.0

Young Professionals

can connect with through

GoPlan 2.0  users who request

help with resume development

and job interview skills

Schools and Colleges
Private Trade Schools
Retired Counselors & Advisors
military recruiters

Academic Counselors/Advisors

can connect with existing

and new students

through GoPlan 2.0

Trade School Instructors

can connect with existing

and new students 

through GoPlan 2.0

Retired School Counselors

can connect with GoPlan 2.0 app users who lack access to an advisor

Military Recruiters

can connect with GoPlan 2.0 app users interested in joining the armed forces

Connect and Provide

Basic Need Providers
ESL and GED Programs
laundry service providers

Nonprofit Agencies

can respond to GoPlan 2.0 user requests for food,

clothing, shelter, child care costs, and/or utility costs

ESL and GED Programs

can respond to

GoPlan 2.0  user

requests for access to

GED and ESL instruction

Laundry Service Shops

can respond to

GoPlan 2.0 user requests

for help with laundry needs

(urgent need)

Connect and Communicate

Jobs and Internships
Private Trade Schools
Adult Education
Community College
University Degrees
military jobs

Job and Internship Opportunities

can post opportunities on the app job and internship board and assign mentors to

employee app users

Trade Schools Programs

and Licenses

can list enrollment information in the app and allow instructors to connect with students for

academic advice

ESL and GED Programs

can list enrollment

information in the app

and respond to user requests

for help with those services

Associate Degrees, Certificates

with existing mentoring programs can allow their mentors to connect with clients through the app

University Degrees

with existing mentoring programs can allow their mentors to connect with clients through the app

Military Opportunities

with existing mentoring programs can allow their mentors to connect with clients through the app

Connect and Share

Social Media
Internal Broadcast System

Social Media

Individuals and organizations can sign up to receive pre-created content to share on

social media platforms


Organizations who distribute newsletters can sign up to receive monthly articles to include in their publications

Internal Broadcast System

Organizations with intranet systems can broadcast a series of videos promoting local target occupations

Communicate to Employees
Pamphlets and Flyers
Doors and Websites

Internal Emails

Organizations employing students or non credentialed adults can share monthly emails with those employees

Pamphlets and Flyers

Organizations can share flyers promoting the credential pathways with disadvantaged customers or clients

Doors and Websites

NLNE Partners can display their Partnership door decals on physical entrances and exits, or on websites

Connect and Plan

GoPlan Boot Camp
EdInd Collaborate (1)

NLNE Partners are hosting a series of events

(held virtually as circumstances necessitate)

which will provide resources and trainings

that will allow disadvantaged adults to

overcome barriers that prevent them from embarking on a credential journey.

In an effort to focus in and improve access

to one credential pathways each year, NLNE partners are hosting annual challenges.

In 2020, we are challenging organizations

across the Panhandle to increase the collective number of paid internships by 20 percent.

NLNE partners host annual events which bring education and industry leaders together

to ensure alignment of education programs, industry needs, and community needs.

The 2021 event is tentatively

scheduled for January.

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