How can YOU partner with No Limits No Excuses?

Accomplishing the NLNE mission will require a team effort, and we need YOU on our team.



  • Provide presentations to job-seekers to help enhance career-building skills and navigate the employment system

  • Provide presentations for businesses and organizations to share successes and best practices for management of workforce building initiatives

  • Provide targeted presentations relating to Annual Challenge goals

  • Volunteer as a panelist at EdInd Collaborate events



  • Share NLNE content from your organization's social media accounts

  • Broadcast NLNE content through internal communications systems

  • Distribute printed materials to your staff, customers, and clients

  • Link to the NLNE webpage from your organization's webpage

  • Promote NLNE through word of mouth



  • Join the NLNE Workgroup

  • Become a mentor through the GoPlan 2.0 app or other mentorship initiatives

  • Participate in the Annual Challenge

  • Attend NLNE events such as Quarterly Gathering and EdInd Collaborate

  • Contribute financially

  • Collaborate with NLNE to enhance your organizational efforts
Partner with NLNE